1. 2019


    2019 Launch of Donna and The FIX online shopping

    2019 Relay Jeans launched as stand-alone brand (previously included in Markham)

  2. 2018


    2018 RAG acquired
    2018 Launch of @homelivingspace, Exact, Foschini and SODA Bloc online shopping
    2018 Hobbs acquired
    2018 SODA Bloc incorporated within Foschini stores
    2018 Next franchise rights ended
    2018 Archive landed as stand-alone brand (previously included in Sportscene)

  3. 2016 - 2017

    2016 - 2017

     2016 Launch of Total Sports, Sport Scene and Due South online shopping
     2016 SODA Bloc launched
     2016 Franchise rights for Colette acquired
     2016 Franchise rights for Next acquired
     2016 Fashion Express is re-branded as The FIX
     2016 Whistles acquired
     2017 Damsel in a Dress acquired
     2017 Launch of Foschini cosmetics, Markham and Fabiani online shopping
     2017 Expansion of Caledon factory
     2017 DonnaClaire rebranded as Donna

  4. 2005 - 2015

    2005 - 2015

    2005 @home launches @homelivingspace - an exciting new format of furniture lifestyle stores, offering a full range of contemporary furniture in two new lifestyle shopping centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg.
    2005 Launch of Luella
    2007 Foschini Retail Credit rebranded as FG Financial Services.
    2010 Foschini Limited changed to TFG Limited.
    2011 Charles & Keith franchise partnership
    2011 Fabiani and franchise rights for G-star RAW South Africa acquired
    2012 Prestige Clothing acquired
    2012 hi Launched 
    2013 Matrix re-branded to Mat & May
    2014 Luella incorporated within Foschini stores
    2015 RCS Group disposal
    2015 Phase Eight acquisition
    2015 Launch of @home and hi online shopping


  5. 2001 - 2004

    2001 - 2004

    2001 Fashion Express, the value chain, is created out of ailing Foschini stores that could not sustain the “new” Foschini positioning.

    2001 @home, the homeware store concept is launched, marking the Group’s entrance into the burgeoning homewares market, appealing to the discerning homewares customer.

    2004 Duesouth, a new outdoors concept, is launched as the Group enters into the outdoor apparel and equipment market.

    2004 The Markhams brand is repositioned and rebranded as Markham – an exciting, relevant and aspirational brand.

  6. 1990 - 2000

    1990 - 2000

    1993 Sterns, the jewellery chain that markets to the middle to upper end of the market is acquired.

    1994 DonnaClaire, offering contemporary fashion apparel to the “fuller” size, is launched.

    1996 The sportscene brand, Foschini’s venture into the macro sports lifestyle market, is launched offering freesport brands and urban style type sportswear to the young market.

    1999 exact!, a rebranding of the original Pages stores is launched, offering quality and affordability in an aspirational environment.

    1999 RCS Group established.

    2000 Totalsports acquired.

    2000 Matrix launched.

  7. 1960 - 1990

    1960 - 1990

    1967 The American Swiss Watch Company joins the Foschini Group.

    1968 Markhams joins the Group. Both companies were born out of the same entrepreneurial spirit of the 1900s.

    1969 Pages Stores is established, catering to the lower socio-economic group.

    1974 The head office moves to Parow, and executive action is implemented to grow TFG into the vast retail chain that it is today.

    1987 TFG commemorates 50 years as a public company.

  8. 1920 - 1959

    1920 - 1959

    1924 George Rosenthal, a Russian immigrant, whose entrepreneurial spirit led him to export clothing out of the US, arrives in South Africa with a vision of opening up a shop called Foschini (an old Italian family name that he liked!) retailing women’s clothes imported from the United States.

    1925 The first store is opened in Johannesburg, offering women well-made, up-todate and inexpensive garments. In just over a year he boasted nine branches throughout the country and within three years Foschini was a household name in international fashion trends.

    1937 Foschini Limited is the first of South Africa’s fashion chains to become a public company.

    1940's Foschini’s first head office is built in Somerset Road, Cape Town.

    1958 Stanley Lewis buys a major shareholding in Foschini Limited, bringing in a new drive and business focus.