Operating Board

S A Baird (52)

Group Director - Foschini Division, TFG London, TFG Design and TFG Merchandise Procurement

Joined the group in 1986


B J Curry (56)

Chief Information Officer - TFG Infotec, TFG Logistics, TFG Services, TFG Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Transformation and hi

Joined the group in 1988


 J Fisher (45)

BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Computing Science

Group Director - Financial Services and Group Analytics

Joined the group in 2013


D B Gedye (59)

Group Director - Sports division, TFG Property, TFG Store Development, Exact, The FIX and Markham

Joined the group in 1979


S E Morley (48)


Group Director: TFG Human Resources

Joined the Group in  2002


G S Naidoo (50)

BSocSc (Hons), MA (Ind Psych)

Group Director - Jewellery Division, @home division, Fabiani, G-Star Raw, TFG Africa and Digital Transformation

Joined the group in 2005


B Ntuli (41)

BComm (Hons Acc), CA (SA), AMP (Harvard)

Chief Financial Officer 

Joined the group in 2019


A E Thunström (47)

BComm (Hons Acc), CA(SA)

Chief Executive Officer

Joined the group in 2015